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Network intrusions are now automated, continuously searching and executing without any manual effort

Work with us to determine your security posture and execute best practices with the correct balance of controls, technology, and process  


A Strong Security Posture does Not Depend on Your Budget

Security is a process, not a product. We don’t seek to define your security posture through deploying endless tooling and application costs throughout your enterprise. We seek to enhance your security posture through a balanced approach of controls, technology, and process. 

In fact, we find that many of our clients already have the appropriate technology deployed, yet security feature sets have just not been enabled. 

Let our skilled security professionals show you your specific posture, providing a plan that you can execute. 

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Security Posture Benchmarking

Our Security Experts will work through your infrastructure and Information Technology Processes to define and describe your current security posture. Within this offering, we will conduct a series of valuable, concurrent activities, to efficiently establish a demarcation reference in accordance to your adherence to best practice. Within this milestone segment, you will quickly understand your security posture and risk profile. 

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Balanced Objective

Working with your organization, we will present formalized options of a balanced approach to your security posture goals, identifying risk, defining compensating controls, and layering an acceptable defense in depth strategy. Equipped with this practical understanding, you will be in the position to understand, determine, and direct remediation efforts within the appropriate areas of focus. 

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Targeted Remediation:

Working with your teams, we will collectively modify technology process, implement technology and controls aligned with your budget, enhancing your security posture, and Balanced Objective mandate 


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Risk Checkpoint

Our Security Experts will provide a checkpoint service to periodically review specific segments of the Remediation milestone to ensure that processes have been followed, and infrastructure modifications have followed best practice. 

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